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Bieber, ‘Don’t Let Hate Bring You Down’

12 Jul

Justin showed the haters that he didnt give a CRAP what the haters think on twitter. justin is doing his own thing enjoying his own life! say quote “HI HATERZ” you rep justin!


Justin Bieber Karaoke kiss!

12 Jul

Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez after a romantic karaoke duet last night at Lucky Strike, Downtown LA. Video @ TMZ. They performed their own rendition of the Kid Rock/ Sheryl Crow duet, ‘Picture.’ They left before midnight.

Do YOU still think that Jelena’s love is fake?

Justin bieber helping out conan o’brian

15 Jan

Yup the bieber RT’ed the funny man and the tweer went wild. the funny man even thanked mr.bieber. saying:Thanks to @justinbieber for making my “adults only” tweet go viral. Good thing no kids follow him. get it cuz tons of kids follow him HA HAHA no? you dont- just forget it

Justins nailpolish is offically ouy

15 Jan

Yup its true they are out. whoo hooo. this is one of my favorites. which one do you think you are going to get. (*hint* justins favorite color is purple)

Justin doing a promo with…THE SITUATION!?!?!

15 Jan

Yup its true the biebss is doin’ a promo with the jersey shore cast mate. he even put on his twitter “JUST SHOT PROMO WITH @JustinBieber 4 HIS NEW MOVIE #NeverSayNever – ROCKIN THE BIEBER SHADES! – THATS A SITUATION!” hmmm we bet it is. lets see what will happen

Justin one of the golden globe presenters

15 Jan

Oh yess. we said it justin will be one of the presenter also as zac efron. buttt we really wanna see justin. HA HA (no offense zac but ummm…..okkkk then) anywayss….we hope you do great justin. you really are turing into a young handsome man.

Justin bieber in the hospital

15 Jan

While justin was shooting his second part in csi as Jason Mccann (YES HE IS GOING TO BE BACK ON CSI!!!) He had trouble breathing due to an allergic reaction on set so the went to the hospital. his rep even confirmed. its ok he’s back on his feet agian.