Justin bieber “critcs awards”

15 Jan

Oh justin did you think you could hide??? Justin was at the critics awards as a CRITIC!!!! We knew a prankster was on the loose. he even asked some people a couple of questions. WOW maybe he could do this critc stuff???


Jelena over

15 Jan

So is it true is jelena….over. Yupp it is true. An insider told us that they had a big fight over Glee’s  cory monteith. it was said that they were seen out together and cory and selena were all touchy touchy. i guess selena is a gleek. and i guess justin’a chances on being on glee is gone. its ok justin you have us. who needs selena

christain beadles jealous

15 Jan

So it was sad late tuesday that the beadles family was talking tras about justin bieber. caitlin left the webcam on while they were yapping away on how justin is just a little twit. i mean obviously he is jealous. this is ridiculous because he used to be bffs with justin. but it was mostly christans mom talking trash. WOW. caitlin was not paying attention texting her bf. wht do YOU think.